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Sci-fi TV show from the 60's originally concieced by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek in its 5 live action TV series and 10 movies were originally based on the Gene Roddenburry's visions of the future and his humanistic principles for what the future could achieve if human-kind worked to better its self with the use of technology and personal freedom.

Devoties of star trek are known as (i) Treckies or (ii) Trekkers.
(i) Treckies are often fans of the show but tend not to too heavily engage in the geekyer aspects of it such as conventions or creating their own uniform, righting fan scripts. Still likely to own plenty of DVD/PC Games on the subject buts that’s about it
(ii) Trekkers on the other hand tend to be much more devoted/fanatical and noticeably geekier, oftern sporting uniforms from the show in public with out much reason. Speaking Klingon to their friends (though most Treckies know the odd phrase her or there) and having hundreds of pounds (yes, not dollars) worth of Star Trek memorabilia. Trekkers can be described as 'moving with the show' though a week definition it show quite nicely the considerably amounts of involvement Trekkers with the show have over the passive engagement of Treckies

Star Trek: The Original Series concept was later to be formed in to several spin-of series; "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in the 80's, the 90's saw "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Star Trek: Deep Space 9" and the 00's saw "Star Trek: Enterprise" (prequel series to the Original Series) grace our screen. There have been 10 film incarnations also with another one on the way. Though Gene Roddenberry passed away during the filming of one of the later series of ST:The Next Generation, much of his vision was still continued in the continuing series and movies. Most notably however, was that Gene’s model of standalone episodes was was scrapped, star trek could now have story archers that spanned over many episodes (as in Star Trek: Deep space 9 Series 7, the closing of that series have a 5 episode story line).
Quick put on Sky one Star Trek Fest!!

I'm a Treckie - love the show, and have all the DVD's

I'm a Trekkers - this show is real, one day i shall be Captin of the Enterprose, in the mean time im going to go around dressed as such!
by Matt Wilson April 06, 2008

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