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3 definitions by Matt Vaccaro

Someone who gets paid to dig through dead people's garbage.
Archaeologists love excavating trash middens and looking at layers of dirt.
by Matt Vaccaro December 15, 2006
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A low-level, migrant archaeologist who works on Cultural Resource Management(CRM) projects and survives on a relatively low wage (for someone with a BA) plus per diem. Low wages and transient lifestyle are often overcome by living in their pick-up truck or camping. The term is generally pejorative when used by non-professionals but is used pridefully by archaeologists as a mark of having paid one's dues and having done true dirt archaeology (as opposed to academic archaeology) for dirt pay. It is considered a rite of passage.
A shovelbum is the opposite of an archaeostitute.
Yeah I know it's dismal...I was a shovelbum for five years before I went back to gradschool.
by Matt Vaccaro December 15, 2006
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What The Fuck Would Baby Jesus Do
I suggest you make this for the office holiday party next week...WTFWBJD.
by Matt Vaccaro December 12, 2006
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