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A slang term,used by Juggalos, created by the Insane Clown Posse in their movie Big Money Hustlas, meaning the same thing as the popular term, mother fucker.
Big Baby Sweets:Wheres my money, Mother Facko?
by Matt Stegall June 19, 2007
A slang term, made famous by the rap group the Insane Clown Posse, meaning Homie, or freind
Juggalo 1: What up, Ninja?
Juggalo 2: Not Much,Homie, Got some Faygo?
by Matt Stegall June 19, 2007
The Weapon of choice for any Juggalo. Know to be in such frases as " Shut the fuck up, before i put my hatchet in your Nug!" or "We will Never Die Alone. Juggalos will carry on,Swing our Hatchets if we must. Each and every one of us."
Juggalo: Wat up, Ninja?
Fag: My dick after seein your mom!
Juggalo: Im a sling my Hatchet in your Nug!
by Matt Stegall June 24, 2007
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