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a big and huggable teddybear
"and then, this guy sum, started crying like a big teddybear"
by Matt Smith August 04, 2004
To destroy a building's beauty by allegedly renovating it.
Most often used in Catholic circles to describe the process of taking a beautiful old church and making it look like something out of a post-modern Country Homes and Gardens.
A: I heard the bishop has plans to wreckovate his cathedral.

b: He's destroyed the souls of his people, so he might as well destroy the building, too.
by Matt Smith January 16, 2004
A person in the Catholic Church who works to destroy the Mass by introducing innovations such as hand-holding and bad translations.
"Lit" comes from liturgy. "-nik" comes from russian. As in "sputnik." It's also been used in words like beatnik, refusenik and no-good-nik. In any case, it is a derogatory term used by Traditional Catholics towards the liberals who have ruined the Church over the past 40 years with their stupid changes to the Mass.
These stupid litniks not only have us holding hands during the Our Father, but now we have to prancing around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots.
by Matt Smith January 16, 2004
large, stankin, nasty-ass, military helicopter manufactured by sikorsky aeronautics. it will take your manhood and your youth.
daggett: damn, that fucking shitter is broken again.
smith: well, im not going to fix it, bitch.
by matt smith June 23, 2004
A person takes a shit, puts it in the freezer, after frozen it is let thawed about halfway to hollow out the center. Then a guy shits inside and puts a stick into it, and puts it back into the freezer.
My dad ate the Adirondack Cream-Sicle that was going to be used for a prank!
by matt smith December 05, 2003
University for Arizona residents that are too dumb to go to Arizona State or Arizona University. Only complete sub 70 on the IQ scale morons from out of state make the decision to go to this school.
I got a 640 on my SAT's so I'm going to Northern Arizona University
by Matt Smith October 14, 2003

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