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a game, that as a child, i fell in love with and would frequently go to to escape the physical world of hate and apathy.
i am mario, enemy to an evil, hope for a pink love, and fighter for all fighters. i come to be known, i come to conquer, i come to set free.
by matt s July 24, 2004
a video game that instills in you the belief that when you are driving, you are driving in the same environment as you were an hour earlier while you were playing the game.
I tried to do a power slide up my street going 50 mph with my 20 year old bmw and i totaled the car. i'm a pretty good driver so i guess there was a glitch in the system. oh well.
by matt s June 09, 2004
a movie that will move you because the story of its characters are more interesting than you or any of your friends could ever be, and like the tv host character who interviews the vigilante and then goes postal himself, claiming "i never felt more alive", you will too AT LEAST think of ways you yourself could feel "alive" in the so far pathetic and boring ass life you are living.
I'm alive! For the first fucking time I'm alive! Thank
you Mickey. Let's kill all these motherfuckers!
by matt s June 09, 2004
a person that is addicted to heroin
debbie is an extreme chivera
by matt s May 14, 2006
(hotline communications ltd.)

a program that was intended for LEGAL file sharing but whos capabilities were taken advantage of to run one of the biggest piracy businesses in america by people ranging from your average dumbass to authority figures. the program probably gave birth to conceptions like napster and limewire but its capabilities were far ahead of its time for it allowed user to chat, post news, upload, download, and adminster their own servers and therefore suprass those programs TO THIS DAY. using the program's "dark side" requires the additional help of "tracker-tracker.com" once there, the given information obtained from that site can be used to do almost any computer crime there is, including hacking. hotline gave birth to piracy. any person can do it.
"i need to know how to hack..."
go to hotline

"i want to download these dreamcast games"

"i want to run a t3 server and charge hotline users"

by matt s June 10, 2004
life is about sex. anything else, is secondary. a person doesn't "choose" not to wear a condom, he/she has no choice it's involuntary. from there, the abortion clinic, what do people who didn't have to go through what the couple are going to think? they think that there is something wrong with them and thus "immoral" suddenly, at that point, a term was made up in their heads, called morality, to justify them going to the abortion clinic. so how do you justifiy that couple going to the abortion clinic, YOU DON'T, life is about randomness. life develops from disorder, chaos from the beginning, and life ends that way. if everyone accepted that fact however, we would not have a society, we would just be animals, so in essence, it is a paradox. morals are a paradox.
fuck morals, yeah fuck ourselves to death.
by matt s August 10, 2004
a man who is hated because he tells the truth.
the post above me
by matt s June 14, 2004

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