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A motion, action, or movement containing qualities or similarities to the act of masturbation or otherwise masturbative properties.
1. He moved his hand up and down rapidly in a masturbatastic motion.
2. She wiggled her fingers masturbatastically at me.
by Matt Rock May 06, 2005
The event or act of being Berienified.
We just witnessed some serious berienification.
by Matt Rock May 06, 2005
Having been made in the imagine or likeness of humorously named fictious character Berien McCochiner.
Aww man, you're totally berienified.
by Matt Rock May 06, 2005
To make something similar or in the likeness of a wigger. To be made whitey ghetto.
1: Stalkin' round in the ghetto will wiggafy you, dude.

2: Jim hung out in the hood and was therfore wiggafied.
by Matt Rock November 22, 2005
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