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2 definitions by Matt Ress

A type of small dog that buries its nose in your crotch
"I love seeing Steve, he has a scorrier"

"I didn't realise I had a hole in my jeans until this scorrier started licking"
by Matt Ress November 19, 2011
Type of wrestling throw, became a euphemism for killing, and then for murdering prisoners in the civil war - see 'Pagans or Paragons?': Images of the Cornish during the English Civil War
M. J. Stoyle
The English Historical Review
Vol. 111, No. 441 (Apr., 1996), pp. 299-323
The prince raised another army of dregs, drained from the mines, we'll show them a Cornish Hug!
by Matt Ress December 05, 2011