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A goth is basically a person who likes the darker side of most things, and often wear a lot of black, but sometimes they wear other colors too. Goths like people, are not all the same. For instance, not all goths like metal. Some prefer softer music. Goths DO NOT worship Satan, and ARE NOT all cutters/suicidal depressing low-lives like the people you always see at Hot Topic. Just because a person wears all black n' stuff and listens to metal or something like that, it DOES NOT mean that they are suicide or cut themselves. You could be a prep who listens to Christina Aguilara and be a cutter. Some goths can be that way, but that's because they are PEOPLE not living labels and r all different! They r not psychotic and they certainly aren't all gay/lesbian or have social issues. If somebody OBSESSES about black and says he/she loves 666 and Satan, talks about Hot Topic and/or even so much as calls him/her self a goth, they are most likely a poser. Goth is a state of mind, not a trend. A lot of posers decide to "go goth" because they think it makes them feel special or "cool". It doesn't. It makes them look stupid. Goths are not afraid to show who they really are and what they stand for. They don't care about being popular and would rather be considered an outcast or a freak than conform to everyone else. Goth(in my opinion) is a state of mind in which one sees the world through a shadowed window, but sees things for what they truly are and accept their position in the world and arn't afraid of what people think of them. So, if you go up to a goth and rag on him/her about Satan and crap and beat them up, I'll come after you. Unless it's a poser goth in which case i will gladly lend you a hand.
Oh yeah, and one more thing, goth is NOT the same as emo. Just so we're clear on that.
Poser Goth: Hey, u wanna hang out with me at Hot Topic?
Me: No!
Poser Goth: Oh okay then, yeah i guess I'll just go so i can get goth stuff so i can piss off my parents, and show how fcuked up my life is . . ."
Random asshole: You guys are fucked up! Why don't you get the hell out of here, slit your wrists already and join Marilyn Manson in Hell!
(me punches random asshole)
Me: (to poser) Get a goddamn life!
by Matt R H January 14, 2007

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