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2 definitions by Matt Pryor

African American person (usually male) who thinks that he is "the shit" or better than he actually is.
Matt: Hey, you know Dante, right?
Clark: Huh?
Matt: That fuck nigger that is always talkin shit.
Clark: Oh yeah, what about him?
Matt: I dunno.
by Matt Pryor February 16, 2005
239 87
(n) used to cover a nice table so food doesn't get on it while you eat; found often in family homes, but rarely in dorms or frat houses
Fratboy Matt: Hey, get the tablecloth and set the table, I got a pizza!
Fratboy Sam: We don't have a table cloth, we'll just use alot of napkins.
by Matt Pryor March 20, 2005
69 18