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penis, cock, wang, dong, member, tool, wee-wee, schlong, dick, weiner, pee-pee, meat flute, meat, salami, peter, johnson, schooner, john henry, schmuck, sword, magic wand, wang, wanger, wang-a-lang, ding-gong, dong, package, man candy, ding-a-ling, putz, pud, bone, bit, pendejo, verga, pulo, hot dog, sausage, hot beef injector, heat-seeking missile, one eyed snake, snake, vicar, man meat, organ, cheeseburger, smegmatic, twig and berries, dirty bit, tube steak, ant eater, third leg, kilbasa, trouser snakr, trouser flute, kick stand, seamen straw, little bald monk, tallywhacker, thingie, wank, wanker, willie, mickie, dip stick, dork, george bush.
My love muscle needs flexing.
by Matt Pat December 30, 2004

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