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3 definitions by Matt McCulley

The evidence left after spitting game/flirting with someone, whether it be a smile, blushing, or something else.
Look at the game loogie all over Penelope from Matt.
by Matt McCulley January 30, 2009
Someone who wears above an 8 in women's jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch, thus causing an employee to get out a step latter to reach the top rack where they are located.
"Yeah, I'm actually on my way to get a step ladder. This girl is a top racker."

"Where is the step ladder? This girl I'm helping is a top racker."
by Matt McCulley January 30, 2009
An exclamatory used in Church basketball
"MURPHY BROWN! What kind of call was that ref?", says Matt in disgust.
by Matt McCulley January 30, 2009