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Acronym meaning "holding on to the thermometer"
It is HOTTT out today. That's HaWT!
by Matt Margolis August 25, 2004
when you give "pig roofies" to a pig in order to have sexual relations with the pig. the legal status of this act is semi-rape
kam drugged up the pig in the brar and which was followed by some barking pig. kam is such a pig raper.
by Matt Margolis February 08, 2005
Old phrase used to refer to what is now known as "fetal alcohol syndrome" or FAS. Believed to be a condition originating from the Akimo Clan in Ireland.

normal face

o o

akimo/ FAS face

o o
"I'm not sure if I want to ask out that guy. He seemed a bit akimo, if you know what I mean"

"the eyes on that cat are akimo... I'm not taking that thing home"
by Matt Margolis August 26, 2004
slang term for male testicle(s).
Before he forced anal sex upon his victim, Kobe Bryant (star of the LA Rapers) told her "lick my pouch bitch ... and don't bite"
by Matt Margolis August 25, 2004

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