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Usually used at the end of a sentence to confirm something of which is cool. Can also be used as a complete sentence in itself for the same reason. Also can be used to express your appreciation to another for being "on the same page" as them, or to let someone know that the current conversation is over.
MattTroy: "Where are we going tonight Jimmy?"
Jimmy: "Looks like everyone's goin to the bar, we should too."
MattTroy: "Solid."
by Matt Jones June 12, 2006
The act of using three fingers to slap the genital region of a woman. Seen on porn all the time, usually girl-on-girl or girl-on-self.
Chasey Lain gushed all over the place after repeated 3 finger slaps.
by Matt Jones August 08, 2003
A vehicle driven by pigs, which allows a moment of solitude on the drive to jail.
Also known as:
paddy wagon
meat van
Black mariah
by Matt Jones January 25, 2005
Someone who's a bit special, and I don't mean he can move things with his mind. (A bit fick)
That Louis Wynne has just got caught drinking spirits in school again. He's a right numb head.
by Matt Jones January 17, 2005
The Best Counter-Stike Player on the face of this earth. Yep, it's true. Even better than ksharp.
ksharp is very good, but slagehammer, is much better.
by Matt Jones February 09, 2004
a hairless cok
that kids so young hes got a bald eagle
by Matt Jones February 22, 2003

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