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3 definitions by Matt Honcho

Someone who polices the fun of others while constantly needing to go to Camp Phoenix.
Me: I sure hope the fun police stays in his room today.

Clint: I'm thinking he has some knives to sharpen.
by Matt Honcho July 17, 2008
Skin Jeans. Jeans that are crazy tight.
Jon: "Nice skeens, fag."

Me: "I know you like the shape of my thighs, homosaurus."
by Matt Honcho June 09, 2009
Belligerent DoD contractors that run people off the road in their Ford F-250s (diesel) while mashing on the gas to the point of pouring black smoke everywhere and recruiting for the T-ban.
Wow, Clown Core is really in a hurry to get back to sitting around their camp today, with no alcohol.
by Matt Honcho July 17, 2008