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Salad Fingers could best be described as a massachistic, skitzophrenic recluse, attracted only to pain and rust. It's human nature to find ourselves drawn to something that we find odd, especially if we're not one hundred percent certain why it has this effect on us. Salad Fingers is the perfect example: If one was to read every new grounds comment for Dave's SF toons, they would find that many of them sounded sincerely disturbed, but found themselves drawn to it at any rate. I find it interesting how many people are hooked on David's work, and I am amused at how much energy his fans devote to trying to interpret its meaning. I agree with many people who say that Salad Fingers stands out among the millions of brainless and clichéd flash toons that make up a large majority of internet space. I'm not knocking other flash toons or anything, really, I just think that Salad Fingers stands brilliantly and mysteriously on its own.
I don't like this game...

Do you not like my mouth words?
by Matt Hill February 21, 2005
a very sexy and powerful tiger
oh my god that tiger is so sexy........i want it to fuck meeeeee
by Matt Hill March 30, 2005
the alcaholic, chain-smoking, cleptomaniac bending robot on Futurama. Best pal of Fry the Solid, him and fry get into all kinds of crazy trouble.
"Kiss my shiney metal ass!"
by Matt Hill March 29, 2005

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