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4 definitions by Matt Goldblatt

Informal apology. Admitting a mistake.

see my bad.
Me: "Oh you gave me a ten"
Female Customer: "Oh I thought it was a twenty, my boof."
by Matt Goldblatt May 31, 2006
6 2
The study and application of information attained through watching youtube videos and stickam chat sessions created by the user Zipster08.

You can apply your knowledge of zipsterology to many of life's problems.
by Matt Goldblatt February 15, 2007
3 3
Acronym for "Just Joshin'".
Craig: "Punk" "Post Punk" "Pop Punk" so many punk variations
Me: lol is post punk punk for mailmen?
Me: jj
by Matt Goldblatt May 31, 2006
12 42
shortened form of gaylord.
Sean: brandon wants to be on your top 8
Me: fine..
Sean: brandon said 'oooooooooo i am pleased, very pleased'
Me: what a gaylo
by Matt Goldblatt December 11, 2007
7 52