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Blinglish is the vocabulary of corrupted English words created and used in hip hop by bejeweled celebrities, particularly gangsta (witness!) rappers, to identify themselves and to tell their stories. It is a product of ignorance and poor schooling masquerading as independent thought.
Everything gon be alright; bottle poppin; u betta run wit it; conversate with some chicks; clowned Before we end up fightin; Ludacris (song title), etc., ad nauseam.

The rapper might have a story to tell or a lesson to teach, but, since he's using Blinglish, he's keeping his message a secret from everyone except those who already know it.
by Matt Gaffney October 03, 2006
Television programs which target the least educated and the least sophisticated viewers. Such programs always center attention on crude or degrading behavior intended to titillate viewers, participants, or both.
The Maury Povich Show, Fear Factor, The Jerry Springer Show, Married with Children, etc. "What'd you do this weekend?" "Not much. We drank beer and watched a lot of teletrash reruns. You?"
by Matt Gaffney September 27, 2006
to be executed for spitting on the sidewalk
I was fired and lost my pension after thirty years on the job because I played solitaire on my computer for half an hour. Imusdup.
by Matt Gaffney April 13, 2007
A person who offers him-/herself for casual sex through an internet site, usually in exchange for an evening out or similar social event.
"She wasn't, like, 'with him' with him at the bar. He was just a one-time e-Lay that she got over the 'net."
by Matt Gaffney October 05, 2006

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