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The manliest state of being. Basically being able to do any of the following: chop down trees with your penis, eat rocks for breakfast and shit out gunpowder, headbutt your front door open, causing it to splinter into pieces, jump off a cliff and break your fall with your face, wrestle sharks, kill a bear with your bare hands, etc.
Dude man man gets all the bitches and makes them clamjoust. I know he is finnin as fuck.
by Matt Furgerson October 25, 2006
It describes doing the manliest of activities such as working out, funneling North Coast Old Rasputin, doing physics homework, and having hot sex on a small, yet powerful boat, on the sea of love. These activities must be done at the same time in order for it to be considered The Matt Project. Only Man Man himself has accomplished such a thing.
"Don't worry Matt I won't let anyone know that you are man man. I just have to know though...when do I get to see The Matt Project again?" Bethany P

"I am going to attempt The Matt Project again."
by Matt Furgerson November 20, 2006

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