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the state of, as pronounced by Arnold Schwarzenegger
I am Guvernur of Kullifornia
by Matt Foley November 09, 2004
The art of slapping another man accross their face with your penis. Typically leaves a mushroom shaped welt on your cheek.
The Cojizzle Slapped me with his penis after football practice... That sick son offa bitch.

I wish I could get a Cojizzle Slap to the face, that would be so sexy.

I wanna Cojizzle Slap the Cojizzle and show him who's boss.
by Matt Foley April 01, 2004
Something you get when you fall asleep around a bunch of friends. Meaning, you got smacked on the lips with their penis' and you then licked your lips. Similar to a mushroom stamp.
Matt and Tyler smacked me on the lips with their dick's. Now I got Cock Lips.

I'm gonna give Jordan Cock Lips and smack his lips with my penis and hopefully he'll lick his lips.
by Matt Foley April 01, 2004

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