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A very powerful white mage once thought dead until he reappeared to fight with a one-winged demon known as Demosa. He has purple hair and weras a black vest. He is the weilder of the Staff of Kioriku.
Nerose the Last.
by Matt Evans November 03, 2003
A very powerful demon and master of black magic, he is the rival of Nerose Kame, who ripped off his left wing, leaving only his right.
Demosa, son of Lucifer.
by Matt Evans November 03, 2003
The sister of Nerose Kame, her magical skills far exceed his own speelcasting, but her age results in most of her hatred towards all.
Kiida, younger sister of Nerose The Last.
by Matt Evans November 03, 2003
Staff of Kioriku - A powerful staff controling almost an infinite supply of destructive magic. Nerose Kame weilds it.
Temple of the Kioriku clan.
by Matt Evans November 03, 2003

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