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The grueling act of straining to push out an impacted bowel movement. To take a very huge, painful shit.
If you feel you're gonna launch a steamer, it would be wise to drink some prune juice.
by Matt Eros October 24, 2007
A person who sees humor in all things fecal. A person who makes jokes and humorous comments about bowel movements and the large intestine. Not to be confused with people who are into scat play.
Also the nickname of Osun Thyruss, the fictional nemesis of Captain Ozone.
If you're looking for the dirty brown clown, he's in the can spinning a web.
by Matt Eros October 24, 2007
Anything that is normally viewed as harmless, cute, or whimsical, but when seen at night in the shade of darkness appears as "scary in the night."
Anything viewed in daylight that, when imagined being viewed at night would seem scary.
The paint-by-number image of a clown my brother made when he was 10 years old was scary in the night.
by Matt Eros October 24, 2007
To take a very long shit.
Spiderman can't come to the phone, he's in the bathroom trying to spin a web.
by Matt Eros October 24, 2007

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