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Verb, to discover or detect. To get to the bottom of a situation.
I thought I lost my wallet, but once I Encyclopedia Browned dat shiznit, I remembered it was in my back pocket all along!
by Matt Dorter April 15, 2008
A hit or hard strike to something or someone. An exclamation. Sometimes proceeded by Wa- prefix or extra OOOOO's when harder or longer hit.
Boosh! Did you see that Knicks/Nugget fight?
by Matt Dorter February 13, 2007
Yoink refers to grabbing something swiftly away from someone or someplace, adj. to steal, to take. Usually slyly with one fresh motion.
"Yoink" is a term yoinked from The Simpsons.
by Matt Dorter February 13, 2007

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