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1 definition by Matt Bourque

One of the best Rock/Punk bands ever. They have had more albums than any other artist ever, 9! Those are American Idiot, Warning, Kerplunk, 1,039 Smoothed Out Happy Hour, Insomniac, Nimrod, International Superhits!, Dookie and Shenanagins. Strange names, maybe, but are all very meaningful if you are as crazy about Green Day as I am.

P.S. For all of you shitbags out there who don't accept Billie Joe Armstrong, Lead Vocals and Guitar, should die a very painful and everlasting death!
1. "I'm so cool and awesome that people should call me Green Day"!

2. "My friend Tommy is so Greendayish"!

3. "Matt Bourque is the cooliest! People should call me Green Day #2"!
by Matt Bourque May 12, 2005