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defying all laws of gay physics. I mean, god, even gay people get offended. Yes, we do!
"Ok, now let's dance around with our arms in the air and our spandex tighties hugging our bodies! Ok? And one and two and.."
by Matt Black May 29, 2005
Spyware/Virus filled CD which when you install will take over your computer and tease you with the aspect of getting the internet, to which when you finally get logged on, you will hear the following:

"You've Got MaiGoodbye"

Also a nice coaster or frisbee for your canine companion
horneyblonde69: hey baby! Wanna chat :)
Lonely40yrOlDhick: Hell yea! What do you want to talk about baby?
horneyblonde69: Whatever you want! Oh, my pants are starting to fall o


by matt black February 20, 2005
What you are after you have a fee too many martewnies.

The least drunk that Paris Hilton ever is.
Inbetween the point where they will either keep a secret or blurt it out are called "tipsy"
by Matt Black November 10, 2005
See: Sleepover at Madonna's
Alan Jackson likes bukkake, especially when he's the one in the middle
by matt black October 01, 2004
1. Somebody who is insecure about their own sexuality and in turn hate homosexuals to make themselves feel more hetero than they really are.

2. See: bigot, idiot, or immature

3. Also known as closet case
Being a homophobe, Greg got a stiffy for a man named Rob, but decided to call him a faggot and boast about how many women he's had sex with, which you take and divide it by 20 to get the actual number.
by Matt Black November 17, 2004

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