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A word defining from the words Cooker and Oven, written in the phonetic form cubben is said how it is spelt.
Just gonna fire up th e ol' cubben.
by Matt Bellamy April 20, 2004
fucking legend,real name is brandon, getting married to jenn rivell, best friends are ryan dunn, chris raab, brandon dicamillo, chris aspite, kerry getz, everone at element,rake yohn, art webb and , first sponsor was dave fairman. Acted in Haggard, best movie in the world, based on ryan and glauren.Fav bands are 69 eyes, poisonblack, turbonegro, HIM and cKy.
One of the best skaters in the world. Dont know how phil can handle it.
by Matt bellamy January 12, 2004
Rather good band, well, person. Matt Hales. If you have any taste in music that's worth paying any attention to then you will like this band.
Aqualung have 2 albums.
by Matt Bellamy April 21, 2004
Exclamation: Mayonnaise must always have an exclamation mark after it when said properly.
I like MAYONNAISE!!! (as a car runs over your foot)
by Matt Bellamy April 20, 2004
The Americans hadn't invented a sport yet that they could call their own. THey stole Britain's "football" (a game where you kick around a ball) and used their hands instead because they didn't know how to use feet in the olden days. They then stole rounders (another English game) and called it baseball.... what??
I hate American Football because I am cynical.
by Matt Bellamy April 21, 2004
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