16 definitions by Matt B

one who lacks any intellect,and who's sole purpose in life is to be laughed at
roger your are a freaking flinkel foo',pull up your pants!!
by matt b April 05, 2004
A woman who talks in something other than sentences.
(referring to a crazy bag lady who just says "Coffeene!" or one of those so-called hot mamas saying "yo, yo" or something)

"That's one Coughing Aunt Sally, there"
by Matt B December 10, 2003
A large percent of Lassiter Highschool students who choose to spend their time walking around in a parkinglot getting yelled at.
student a: awesome we got a 9 to 9 this weekend.
student b: sweet!
by Matt B November 17, 2004
a gay faggit...fool whose gana get killed
yo mo ur a gay faggit ass loser
by Matt B March 25, 2005
Peace the fuck out, use PTFO, instead of saying goodbye or see ya later. Mostly used online. Can also be used when angry
OK im outta here, PTFO
by Matt B May 06, 2005
a character for Diff-rent Strokes. He was the bully of Arnold
Arnaold was licking the Gooch's gooch after the quarrel
by matt b April 14, 2003
bones and j-pop are in bfl.
BFL will kick the shit out of NASA
by matt b June 03, 2003
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