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2 definitions by Matt Awtum

Pronounced - nig*err*ish

A term used to describe black licorice.
Man, these Good-n-Plenty's taste like straight up niggorice.

Awww shit, i just ate a handful of jelly beans and one of them must have been niggorice flavored, it tastes like ass.
by Matt Awtum April 05, 2008
Midwestern term for psychedelic mushrooms, derived from the word toadstool. A term used only by experienced "shroomers" when trying to locate some magic. The stooleys are used for personal enlightenment, feelings of HD vision and color enhancement are common while enjoying the best 6 hours of your life.
"Hey man, you know where I can get any stooleys?"
by Matt Awtum December 05, 2006