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Sure, I go through Autechre, Squarepusher and Boards of Canada phases, but RDJ is the only one who's infallibly in my CD changer at all times. Although he no longer reinvents electronic music's productional lexicon with every release like his label mates, Autechre, Aphex continues to inject this inexplicable character into his music that no one has ever come close to duplicating. It might be the AFX melodies, it might be the programming, and it might be the sound design; I really can't tell you. There's just something about RDJ that sets him above the rest. Honestly, I've never listened to music the same since hearing Richard's "RDJ Album" for the first time. He gets my most sincere recommendation, my unabashed praise, and my dick if he wants it.
Aphex (Twin) can be used as a proper noun, an adjective, and even a verb.

As a proper noun, we have: "Aphex Twin was born in Cornwall and he even pwned as a baby."

As an adjective, we can say: "OMFG THAT DRILL AND BASS IN VENUS NO 17 IS SOOO APHEX!"

And as a verb, it's appropriate to say: "Holmes, this track is going to land on Chocolate Industries or some shit unless you aphex it up a bit."
by Matt (ultra fanboy omg) August 21, 2004

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