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The fusion of the words 'fungus' and 'sponge'. Can be used to describe a large chunk of mould, or a diseased vagina. No other real meaning, but can be used in a group for general amusement.
"Oh my god! That's a disgusting funge!"

"Funge" (Used when sitting alone or in a large group for all-round amusement and laughter).
by Matt + Sned August 07, 2005
The dribbling of a small amount of phlegm from the the side of one's mouth, possibly as a result of eating soap. Often, durps can be caught in mid-swing, and this is known as a durp double-backfire (or DDB).
"Hey man, careful, you're doing a durp. Get that shit sucked in or it'll drip onto your pants."

"Oh my god he just did a durp!"
by Matt + Sned August 07, 2005
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