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One of the American sports cars that is compensation for having a small penis.
See also corvette, viper, and huge ass pickup truck.
by Matt May 25, 2005
A group of high school dropouts that desperately wants to be like the infantry. Organization and organic weapon systems suited for a shock force only; the marine corps is commonly used as a conventional infantry force and subsequently manages to take more casulties than their infantry counterparts. Marines are too arogant to be called "soldiers" and too stupid to take cover when a fire-fight starts.
When you need a force of unintelligent drones, ready to take an objective by sustaining tremendous casulties, thus depleting the enemies ammunition, send in the marine corps. When you want an objective destroyed by overwhelming firepower, superior tactics, a feat of combined arms mastery, staying power, and the flexability to perform a variety of missions.....send in the Army!!!
by Matt March 28, 2005
The fastest way to piss off anybody and make enemies.
See Republican vs. Democrat.
by Matt June 25, 2004
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