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a very hot,young woman with great talents in everything she does. whoever doesnt like her is just jealous because shes better than all of you low-lives.
"look its hilary duff! wut a hottie!"
by Matt April 20, 2005
better than <3 becuz lilaksdlkas omg lolz i like to eat pizza
i <4 you so much laydee



i <3 j00
me: oh noez j00 dont luv meh i hatez j00
by Matt November 15, 2004
to think you are the best because well, some people just are.
look at the picture and you will understand why I am the best, can you deny it?
by Matt December 29, 2004
A sacred Mexican herb said to have been given to mexicans by space travellers. It very rarely reproduces on it own accord and has to be perpetuated by making cuttings. Still legal in the UK due to it being so new. A crap (legal) cannabis alternative. Smoking it makes you feel shitty, this is followed by an immediate come-down which is also very odd. Drinking an infusion is exactly the same but slower. Quite expensive too - top notch cannabis bud is much cheaper and better. Salvia Tastes like sour attic dust. If you have to buy some get 10x strength or above.
Fuck me that Salvia bottle bag has completely spasticated me i can't move - when will it wear off?
by Matt October 20, 2004
Pennsylvania is home to the best college in the country, Penn State.

Pennsylvania is better than some states -- as previously stated, Kentucky, Alabama, Alaska, West Virginia, and Iowa. That is where the list ends.

Pennsylvania consists of the fattest people in the US - Pittsburgh, and the most obnoxious people in the US - Philadelphia. Both football teams are wildly overrated, and both cities have trouble winning national championships.

The entire state smells of cow manure. Can you say "country"? Beer must be purchased in 192 ounce increments, and liquor in a separate store. There are no beaches. There are no casinos. There are no good baseball teams.

The Flyers. The Sixers. The Eagles. The Steelers. Smarty Jones. Obviously, the state has a problem with choking in the big game.

And everyone has the clap.
"Man, Pennsylvania sucks. let's go to a better state."
by Matt April 11, 2005
A sweet ride. Often red.
Hey, check out that sweet camaro!
by Matt February 16, 2005
Used to describe a trick ass hoe.
your girlfriend, your mom, your grandma
by matt December 28, 2004
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