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When somebody has the tendency to annoy you non-stop and saying "they have been continually annoying" just doesn't suffice.
Person 1: Dude, did you hear the crap coming out of *name*'s mouth yesterday?
Person 2: Absolutely! She has been cuntinually annoying me for weeks now
#cunt #cuntinue #bitch #annoy #enemy #frenemy
by Matsumoto111 June 03, 2010
when two people unknowingly flirt with each other to such an extent it becomes unbearable to witness much longer by outside parties
Girl: Tell me please!
Boy: I can't tell you it's a secret
Girl: But I wanna know, it's -
Outsider: Hey, could you two stop with the verbal copulation and buy us some drinks
#flirt #boy #girl #flirty #crush
by Matsumoto111 June 28, 2010
When you go to an Apple store with an Apple product that needs repairing and believe it will not take much time to fix your problem but end up being in the store for 2+ hours, when the point comes where you realise you were not prepared for this and have barely eaten all day and gradually start to feel malnourished.
Customer: Man this is taking longer than I thought! I only had a small breakfast
Apple Guy: Are you heading towards the path of Applerexia?
Customer: Yeah.. you should really have snack machines in these places..
#apple #hunger #starve #ipod #macbook
by Matsumoto111 June 22, 2010
When somebody in the friend group is temporarily demoted from friend status due to some sort of altercation/situation. Yet they have not yet reached frenemy status as it would not feel right without at least having them around. Reaching barnacle status enables said party a small amount of conversation in the friend group, but not to the extent where others will laugh at their jokes. After an agreed amount of time by the friend group, the outsider may be promoted back to friend.
Person 1: I am so mad at *name* for getting so wasted last night, he/she completely humiliated me in front of everybody!
Person 2: Dude don't worry, he/she knows he/she reached barnacle status because of last night
#barnacle #frenemy #enemy #friend #fight #argue
by Matsumoto111 June 05, 2010
when you want to smuggle weed into another country by melting candlewax over the packet inside another candle
Person 1: How are you going to get the weed in to the other country?
Person 2: It's okay I'm going to make a Weedle
#wandle #weed #candle #dope #joint #gram
by Matsumoto111 March 31, 2010
When describing something related to the country of France. A play on the word fantastic, francetastic can be used to describe an experience, a sight, a smell, a taste, anything that originates from or in France
Person 1: I saw the photos from your trip to Paris! They looked amazing, you must have had a francetastic time!
Person 2: Thank you, I certainly enjoyed myself
#fantastic #paris #france #baguette #croissant
by Matsumoto111 May 01, 2011
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