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3 definitions by MatchNL

When something (expectedly) goes horribly wrong because of someone's stupidity. Usually, just one person in the room 'Stolars' things up all the time. Synonym: Cursed.
"Oh, there he goes again! He Stolared it! There's no fixing it now." (as a kid backs his car up into a fence.)

"Don't touch it! You're gonna Stolar it. Let me handle this instead."
by MatchNL April 18, 2005
People in excess of 300 lbs. that appear disgusting to others.
"That fat lady has some serious gross weight! GROSS!"
by MatchNL August 27, 2008
A rate of speed or quantity of value.
Represents a speed of X or value of X, which is just past the acceptable value. (i.e. just over the speed limit, or just a bit too expensive).
"How much did it cost?" "A nig and a half".

"How fast was it going?" "A nig and a half"
by MatchNL April 11, 2005