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when a person is so tired they just want to retire to their bed and get some much deserved sleep
'i just wanna get ma head down for a square 12' and 'i got my head down for a square 12 hours'
by Mat 'Barrel' Barry February 21, 2007
when someone is acting abit mental of alcohol or drugs or something...
'strongbow sends me whappy!'
by mat 'barrel' barry June 22, 2007
The collective term for a group of lads smoking cigarettes or Boonie's, from which this word originates.
'look at you big bunch of boonie boys smoking boonies.'

and 'look at us... a bunch of boonies boys'
by mat 'barrel' barry September 06, 2007
another word for cigarette,

used in a more playful situation - you dont want to sound like a ponce and ask for a 'cigarette' far to informal - or sound to common and ask for a 'fag' like a dirty commoner
rob, can i have a boonie?
by mat 'barrel' barry August 28, 2007

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