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(v.) To get "jacked up" is to be altered in a fashion that is undesirable or not to normal working condition(Ex. 1). Could also be something completely undesirable, such as an event(Ex 2). Also could be used as slang for being in a fight...and losing(Ex. 3).

(n.) A truck(or car) with a lift kit. Most likely a 4x4 pickup truck. Mainly used as slang by people from rural areas(Ex 4).
1. Man this screwdriver is jacked up! See that bend in it?
2. The water bill is 300 dollars? That is jacked up!
3. Dude did you see John after that fight lastnight? He got jacked up!
4. "Yeah the parking lot is muddy, can't get to the door. I take my Jacked Up and drop it down in four-by-four." -Drink In My Hand by Eric Church.
by Mastercat 001 October 22, 2011

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