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A Canadian beer is a beer that is any of the following:
a) brewed in Canada
b) strong enough to make you go blind
c) referred to as "hard alcohol" in America
Molson, Steam Whistle, Moosehead, Keith's and Lakeport are all Canadian beers.
by Master_T_ November 13, 2006
A Jamaican Chimney Sweep is when you take a girl up the pooter, pull out, and make her do a handstand (you can also prop her up against a wall or table). Then, put a sock over your hand and vigorously fist her in the anus.
Man, Shelley was pissing me off, so after sex i gave her the Jamaican Chimney sweep.
by Master_T_ October 10, 2006
First, you put an alka-sletzer in your woman's vaj. Then, after sex you eat the foam that comes out.
Shelley made me have a Lebanese Latte last night. I feel sick...
by Master_t_ October 13, 2006

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