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For the daring gay trio. Two of the men put their penises into the third mans mouth and then urinate simultaneously.
Corey and his 2 friends try to morning waterski every day.
by MasterBlaster6999 July 16, 2010
A meeting place used for homosexual encounters focusing on watersports or urine play.

Meeting area where gay men go to urinate on each other for sexual pleasure.
Ross always brings extra towels when Corey invites him and his friends to the lakehouse, knowing he is going to get wet.
by MasterBlaster6999 December 21, 2011
Sexual position where the man puts his "eggs" (testicles) into the woman's vagina. It is not recommended to try this position as foreplay, as its much more comfortable for the man post-coital.

Especially popular on Sunday mornings.
Corey's friends were a bit disgusted when he showed them a photo of the Easter Purse he gave his wife.
by MasterBlaster6999 May 09, 2011
In a hotel room or rental, the act of intentionally leaving bodily fluids, especially sexual excretions, on the walls or furniture for the cleaning crew to find under black light inspection.

Intentional ejaculation onto walls or furniture that don't belong to you.
After an all night orgy Corey and his boyfriends left a CSI surprise on all of the walls in their hotel room.
by MasterBlaster6999 January 17, 2012
Sex act where the man wraps his penis in tinfoil before oral sex. The woman should never look away from the man's penis, thus the 'museum' element.
Corey learned the hard way that it's important to smooth out the tinfoil before having your girl take you to the 'Aerospace Museum', however he did enjoy exclaiming 'Clean up in the cockpit!' afterward.
by MasterBlaster6999 January 11, 2012

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