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n. (Rhed-nek-cs)
A person who defies the common English language with slang that makes 'ghetto black men and women' sound like something Harvard would crap out. An obsession with NASCAR and deer hunting, some southern people think it's "cool" to be a redneck, so they wear Dixie Outfitter and other bizarrely imbecillic things. The favorite combination is the dixie flag shirt and belt buckle, leather boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt or a cowboy hat.

I live with these wannabes. Their IQ rivals the numerical scale on such a large factor, California's earthquakes pray at night they can be as big. It's become a challenge to the english language to fathom their conversation techniques. They consist of three subjects:
1) Things that rhyme with beer
2) Cars without AC or radio
3) Blacks, mexicans, and educated peoples.

While they do defy all human logic on a galactic scale (Which they might think of as a fancy breakfast cereal), they deserve pity.
"Yous an idgit, you durn wetback!"
Myself: "I'm clearly white. Also, my accent cues my british decent"
"Deer! Beer! Fear!... Treer"
Myself: "You just rhymed Fear with Tree"
"Yous and yer fancy 'edjukayshin'"
Myself: "I'm sorry, that last sentance destroyed the remnants of my brain cells. Could you have someone translate from dumbass to understandable, for you sir are clearly fitted under the category of rednecks"
by Master-Penguin March 01, 2006

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