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A funass nickname for Trinity, Trin, or Scarlett. Only used by Lauren.
Someone other than Lauren:
"Trinster's on!"
"Die, you fool!"
by Master Phinnaeus March 31, 2005
An insanely funny typo of the word "panty" short for "panty hose". Don't ask why "panty hose" needed to be said, it just did.
Grizz: You should have said "Panny hose on the legs of some fat chick in a bathtub."
Lauren: Panny.
Lauren: LOL
by Master Phinnaeus March 31, 2005
What Grizz's mom was made with.
Grizz: Shortcake... Is that made with lard?

Master Phinnaeus: ...Your mom's made with lard.
by Master Phinnaeus March 26, 2005
A "fofo" is what happens when you drink too much caffeine, and you try to type "food". It sounded rather sexual.
Master Phinnaeus: I want fofo.
Master Phinnaeus: ...
Master Phinnaeus: FOOD.
Travis: I'll be your fofo. ;)
Master Phinnaeus: ;)
by Master Phinnaeus March 26, 2005
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