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boil(s) - hideous round lumps containing pus found on slong's face above his eyebrow, and all over his body.

Also colloquially used as a reason for someone fucking up.

May also be randomly inserted into any sentence to make it an insult towards shenglong
"I tell you the greatest joke on earth"
"what. you have boils?"

"wtf! he got disconnected? he must have boils"
by Master Pain March 11, 2005
Legendary for both his boils and his incredible fuck-upping ability, shenglong is truly a force to be reckoned with.
"You're so ugly, you're shenglong tier"

by Master Pain March 11, 2005
slong - short form for shenglong

Colloquial for fucking up and/or ugliness and boils
"Shit! i slonged! I'm in deep shit now!"
by Master Pain March 11, 2005
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