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Someone who sucks your dick so well that you couldn't possibly cum anymore and then proceeds to swallow it or guzzle it down like a glass of water.
Wow that girl was a cum guzzling mushroom tip cleaner, she got me off so good that I couldn't even think about getting head for another month.

Also what that guy Ty is (sorry if your name is Ty, but I made this name up just for him because he tea bagged me and it also is just his first name so I don't break the rules).
by Master Nudist January 20, 2008
Someone who sucks dick well. Someone who can suck your cock so well you can't possibly cum anymore.
I heard that girl is a mushroom tip cleaner. I bet it would be nice to get my mushroom tip cleaned by her.
by Master Nudist January 20, 2008

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