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4 definitions by Master McHam

A minute in Gangsta time is equal to 7 minutes and 45 seconds to people running off of Greenwich basic time.
Attention, you got exactly one standard Gangsta Minute to move yo' ass out of this building!
by Master McHam September 26, 2007
9 3
A state of extreme toolish-ness. So advanced that the subject actually begins to resemble a monkey wrench, the biggest and most disruptive of all the tools.
Murph is constantly surrounded by the stale stench of toolitude.
by Master McHam September 26, 2007
4 0
An act of extreme toolitude.
Can be performed by a professional tool, or by someone who is not really a tool. Basically, anyone can perform and act of toolish-ness
Dude, last night, i was pwning on Halo 3, but then some major DB cubed pulled an act of extreme toolish-ness, and ended my killing spree.
by Master McHam September 26, 2007
3 1
Stands for: Douche-Bag-Bitch-Boy.
For use only on extremely whiny and annoying people.
It can also be applied to tools, but only in extreme cases of toolitude.
Man, Noah would not shut up about that ham, he was being such a DB cubed.
by Master McHam September 26, 2007
1 3