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(1) Someone who works with cement and stone to build things.

(2) A member of the Masonic Temple. The Masonic Temple was originally a brotherhood of those masons (1) who built temples to the One True God, variously called Mazda, Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah.
I'm a mason. My crew and I built that stone church down the road.
by Master Mason December 09, 2006
Alias JOHN REID. A former Texas Ranger falsely convicted of a crime he didn't commit, now roams the Wild West righting wrongs (for FREE) and leaving a Silver Bullet as a souvenir for those whom he has helped. He is aided by his trusty friend Tonto (a native American). The Lone Ranger's horse is a pure white stallion named "Silver". And Tonto has a patchy looking horse named "Scout".

John Reid in a GrandUncle of Brit Reid, The Green Hornet.
"Okay, uh, I'm new at this, but, uh, I'm The Lone Ranger, I enjoy listening to Bob Seger, and, for some reason, werewolves never bother me. I'm kind of shy and cautious. I admit I am wearing a mask right now, but, if things start looking like they might get serious, I guess I could take it off."

"I hope you don't mind Tonto, or the horses, they are ALWAYS with me. I hope that won't be a problem. Do you like 3in1? Tonto and Silver and I use that a lot. Just ask Scout! Just kidding, I mean, it's not like he's Mr. Ed or something! "Mr. ED", is that term politically incorrect now? Sorry if it is. Well, I hope you write back soon. And PLEASE feed the pigeon, okay?

by Master Mason July 30, 2006
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