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noun condition of the vagina
Pronounced: "ring-kel-jy-na"

Definition: When one's vagina is

(a) old;
(b) gratuitously pummelled to contain many wrinkles;
(c) wrinkle-sized land parcels of skin on one's vagina to reflect uncouth representations of what one would normally look like to be considered "tappable".
I went down on a girl, not to be fortunate enough to find a fine haven, but to find a nasty wrinklegina.
by Master Jazza November 23, 2010
Verb - To engage in intimate relations on the Yahoo! chat network. Reserved for the predominently lonely, obese, unattrative or otherwise sad variety.

Derivatives - 'yahslamming' , 'yahslammed', 'yahslamst/er/a'

Plural - 'yahslams'
Woman, you're so sad you resort to a yahslam.
by Master Jazza October 05, 2007
Adjectival noun - A hairy clam, not to slam.

Noun - Uncooth or otherwise dirty female.
A bit of this, a bit of that, lemme illustrate that Candy's foeboosh is whack!
by Master Jazza October 05, 2007
Verb - An article, picture or other media that can be found in a search engine.
F**k camchicks man! Boobs are googable everywhere.
by Master Jazza October 04, 2007
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