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6 definitions by Master Christ St. John

Every day, from here on out, is post 9/11. Referring to it usually implies that something was to be learned on 9/11 and has not been, usually security driven.
It is unbelievable that in a post 9/11 world we still allow Taco Bell to exist!
by Master Christ St. John June 14, 2006
49 13
When someone puts a term into simple speech they are using a 10 cent word and usually obfuscating things.
Obfuscating? Way to use a 10 cent word!
by Master Christ St. John June 14, 2006
27 18
Cell phone earpiece with dangling cable and bulbous volume control / microphone, resembling a monocle.
Check out hommie with the negro monocle, who he get at?
by Master Christ St. John June 01, 2006
12 7
Not a monster; usually used in a context of transformation.
It took bad lighting and good rum tonics to transform her into a nonster.
by Master Christ St. John June 13, 2006
5 2
One on the receiving end of a lawyer's good fortune and intelligent career path in light of the many harder-working and lesser-paying options.
To see so many like old white guys with cheap suits and expensive shirts laeding African and Asian immigrants around the hallways was fucken insane, it was impossible not to see the contrast between the lawyer and the lawyee.
by Master Christ St. John June 14, 2006
4 4
Someone who overutilizes a myriad of terms they've obviously gotten from urban dictionary. Similar to someone inserting a bit of jargon or other awkward 10 cent words into their speech.
The other day Pip said something about keeping the hyphy out of their house with minority filters or else he'd have to give them a screaming seagull... what a fucking urban dick.
by Master Christ St. John June 14, 2006
6 7