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Basically a bunch of twats, that decide whether you get credit (cell phone, mortgage etc.)and how expensive this would be. They also charge you for viewing your "score" and keep it on file for ages. So basically they bum rape you.
Poor credit dude:
"hey experian you twats, give me some credit"

Experian: "No you missed a payment to the credit card company once!"
by Master Bates101 September 05, 2007
Blackpool, a somewhat appropriate name seeing as this place is shit, if it was any good they might have named it "Bluepool", but Blackpool is a dirty place full of greasy burger bars and bong shops so it was aptly named in hindsight.

The only "architecture" per se is an old rusty tower made from what appears to be lollypop sticks which is called "Blackpool Tower". The residents of this charming town aren't exactly known for culture, intelligence or skin regime; they can be seen meandering around the town centre with sullen faces and bad teeth carrying Lidl bags. If you have any modicum of ambition, you get out of Blackpool fast. It's truely soul destroying. It also has a "Pleasure Beach".
Blackpool Resident: "Oi ya twat giss a quid"
Canadian Tourist:" Ok ok just don't kill me, i only wanted to visit the pleasure beach."
by Master Bates101 September 06, 2007

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