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The sudden and seemingly uncontrolled infiltration of snatch, into a club or popular venue. Depending on the venue, this can either be an enticing or equally negative incident as, for example, straight cunt typically has an obsession with infiltrating gay bars and aggravating the cock-seeking male population.
Dude, I went to the gay bar last night and while checking out this hot dude across the bar, like 20 drunk bitches came nattering through the door, in one big cuntblast, from a bridal shower and fucked up my game. To make things worse, three of them came over to me and tried to feel me up and asked if I wanted to buy them drinks! Fuck no!
by Masta Z August 19, 2013
Similar to a cunt-terror, this term refers to a situation or actual dream involving castastrophic levels of cunt-riddled happenings, of varying flavors. Typically entails damaged cars, the mall or some type of shoe sale, and loud/shrill brainless conversations, void of any intellect whatsoever. It can also refer to a location that tends to be an epicenter of frazzled snatch such as a shoe warehouse during a sale.
Dude, I just had the biggest cuntmare ever. I ran out of gas and my car coasted into the parking lot of the DSW Shoe Warehouse, during a sale, and 5 Lexus SUVs with bitches on their phones, slammed into my car. I felt better when the one bitch's Lexus caught fire and she went up in flames but then her 8 cans of hairspray must have exploded and the fireball caught my car on fire too. I'm so glad I woke up!!!!
by Masta Z August 19, 2013
A disaster of twat that reaches beyond the magnitude of a cuntaclysm. This word should be used in only the most extreme of cunt-riddled situations. A twatsaster often involves damage of personal property and can be accompanied by the need for rehabilitation.
I had to brave the mall so I could buy my girlfriend a purse and 6 bitches slammed into my new car, all while they were drinking their Starbucks, talking on their pink iPhones and fuckibg with their makeup. It was a fucking twatsaster!!
by Masta Z August 08, 2013
A deluge of filthy snatch that one might expect to find on the street corners of Vegas. Much like the ancient Sirens of Greek Mythology, unsuspecting individuals are lured by their easy and appealing beauty. Little do they realize they have entered snatchageddon and their money and humanity are stolen and left with parting gifts such as STDs and drug induced hangovers.
I went to Vegas for the first time and not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! There were whores everywhere and I got fucked and robbed by three and now I brought back chlamydia! It was snatchageddon, bro!
by Masta Z August 08, 2013
A megaslut of epic proportions. Refers to a bitch that fucks so many guys AND girls in any given week, that phase shifts the balance of sexual karma. A wunderwhore can seduce you,fuck you and be gone in an awe-inspiringly short period of time. Often, you won't know it happened until you see the gonorrhea/chlamydia discharge later on.
Dude, I went to the club last night and that wunderwhore, La Quisha bon Qui Qui, was there. She said hi and started dancing in front of me and next thing I know, my dick starts burning. That wunderwhore gave me chlamydia!!
by Masta Z August 08, 2013
A feeling of absolute euphoria induced by the over abundance of snatch, shaved, wet, hairy, loose, tight or otherwise. This virtual smorgasbord of twat tends to overload the senses and cloud judgement. Such a meat-curtain extravaganza is truly noteworthy and only a word such as "cuntstatic" will do it justice.
Dude, I can't believe I accidentally walked in on the filming of "Pound My Shaved Pussy" #18, while in South Padre over spring break! I was cuntstatic when the girls asked me to join in on the next scene!
by Masta Z August 08, 2013
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