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a new word for a 6 inch penis originated on a cold astroturf during a hockey p.e lesson in wirksworth derbyshire. can also be used as a light hearted insult.
u fuckin lossop ( try it its fun )
by masta J March 13, 2005
a thing attached to a males body can vary in legnth and width.
there are many words for a penis including lossop trollop and smidget
by masta J March 13, 2005
a word for a small penis also created on the same day in 2003 as its sister word lossop.
its best 2 wiggle your little finger when usin this as an insult.
by masta J March 13, 2005
1.The epitomy of superior, a step beyond master.
2.Ghetto spelling of 'master'
1. Yo dawg, yo da Masta
2. Dang, my headmasta is real dookie
by Masta J June 06, 2004

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