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A small, pretentious, and overpriced liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts. Founded in 1793, the college president and students soon left following a financial crisis (and after realizing that Williamstown was too far removed from civilization); they went on to found Amherst College in 1821. Amherst's superiority has been childishly disputed ever since. Williams students tend to tout rankings from an independent magazine only relevant to upper middle class students, as well as their record in the long standing Amherst v. Williams football rivalry. Although Williams football does have the winning record in the annual Homecoming contest, the adminsitration pays the price by spending more on athletics than Amherst. The students also pay the price by having no social life, their time taken up by practice or studying. Williams students are notoriously poor at holding alcohol, and tend to lack basic interpersonal skills.
1: Dude, Williams College is ranked number one liberal arts college again this year!
2: Ah, another excuse for them to suck each other's dicks.
by Masshole1987 October 29, 2006

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