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The alcoholic drink enjoyed by strippers everywhere. 2 parts Malibu Coconut. 1 part Raspberry Schnapps. 1/2 part Peach Schnaps 1 part Orange Juice. 1 part Cranberry Juice. 1 part Pineapple Juice. Splash Grenadine. Must perform the dance move, "Cooter Slam" while drinking.
5,6,7,8, Praise Christ, Praise Christ, Double Dream Hands Take the Shot, Cooter Slam.
by masonjar014 February 07, 2011
The act when a man preheats a woman's vagina to 450 degrees and then use a "jaws of life" to spread open the vagina only to place the chicken pot pie inside for the baking of a delectable treat. One can use a personal size chicken pot pie to do this act to a man.
So I Chicken Pot Pied my girlfriend last night, and then we donated the final product to the church as a tithe.
by Masonjar014 May 24, 2010

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